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COVID - 19 Update Monday 23 March 2020

As a result of the stringent goverment restrictions placed on us this evening, both Greystones and Bathampton Manor will be closed to all relatives and friends for the next three weeks. 

We regret having to take this action and have delayed it as long as possible.  The safety of our residents and staff are our highest concern and I am sure you will understand the measures we have to take at the present time.  Please ring the homes if you would like to speak to the Home Manager and team about your loved one or discuss arranging video communication.

Marie Kelly-Perkins, Company Secretary/HR Manager

COVID - 19 Update Wednesday 18 March 2020

As the guidance around Coronavirus (COVID-19) develops each day and the number of confirmed cases increases we cannot deny the risk this virus poses for those in our care.

If you need to visit the homes, please contact the Home Manager prior to your visit to make the necessary arrangements.

Following advice by the government on the vulnerability of the over 70s we have made the difficult but responsible decision to partially lock down our homes to all but the most essential visitors required to either to protect the health of our residents, or to ensure that buildings remain safe and essential supplies are delivered. We will continue to welcome new residents and employees following our strict protocols. For now, this means that we are respectfully asking relatives and loved ones to think whether their visit is necessary and if you feel you need to visit, requests should be made to the Home Manager.  

COVID - 19 Update Tuesday 17 March 2020

BCVS Homes have signed up to the National Care Force. This is a nationwide network of care providers,healthcare workers and volunteers ready to support the most vulnerable members of society and care providers though the challenges we face due to coronavirus.

COVID - 19 Update Sunday 15 March 2020

COVID-19 is a new virus and scientists are still learning about it's characteristics including the incubation period and transmissibility. BCVS Homes are well placed and prepared to respond to a range of viral outbreaks. We note that the guidelines in regard to best practice containment recommendations for COVID-19 are developing and changing daily. 

Our early preparation and response planning to the risk of exposure and treatment of COVID-19 is entirely based on the information and guidance materials issued and regularly updated by the Department of Health. 

We have made the decision to restrict non-essential entry into our homes and will continue to review our policies. Whilst we are yet to restrict family visits, we have been asked for our opinion by some family representatives as to whether we think they should visit, our general response is that we are not actively encouraging regular visits. Please do not visit if you are feeling unwell in any way and have been abroad in the last 7 days.

Where your visit is essential, you will notice an increased level of infection control. You will be asked to wash your hands and we would prefer you to hold your visit in your relative's room. Please use the washing and toilet facilities closest to your relative's room. The increased level of infection control methods involve regular disinfection of surfaces that are regularly handled and more frequent laundering of residents clothing and bedding where necessary. We are expecting our mobile sinks to arrive on Wednesday.

We are currently looking into improving broadband reception in both of our homes and ensuring residents have access to communication opportunies such as Skype, Facetime and WhatsApp.

BCVS Homes continues to assess the risk and take steps to prevent, detect and control the spread of infections.

We appreciate this is a difficult and uncertain time for everyone and if you would like further information, please feel free to contact us through the feedback option on the website or email Marie@bcvshomes.co.uk or alternatively telephone the homes directly.

BCVS HOMES Coronavirus Covid-19 Notice Friday 13 March 2020

As you will all know there is worldwide concern about the spread of the Covid-19 Virus. 

At BCVS Homes residential care homes, Bathampton Manor and Greystones,  we are following official government advice and have strict preventative measures in place; 

We have posted notices to ask all visitors to be aware of their health and not to visit if they are unwell, particularly having visited one of the more highly affected countries. 

There are handwashing facilities in all of our homes and sanitiser gel dispensers and we would ask visitors to wash their hands or use the gel when entering and leaving the building. 

We have ordered mobile sinks which we will position at the front door to allow visitors to more easily wash their hands on entering and leaving the building. 

We have changed our cleaning schedules to provide further protection and amended our operating procedures accordingly.

We are restricting large gatherings,  bus trips, non-essential works and delivery drivers are no longer entering the building. We have cancelled all external entertainers.

We have taken the decision not to stop family visitors to the home at this time because we believe that it is better to maintain resident contact with their family and friends at the best possible level while we still can. 

Of course, if official advice changes or we believe circumstances have progressed further, we will take all necessary decisions including stopping visits if required. At that point, we will endeavour to maintain communication including telephone and video links with families and friends, although this will inevitably be limited.

We have posted a copy of this notice on our website at www.bcvshomes.co.uk  and would ask that you monitor any updates from us at this address in the coming weeks.








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