Latest COVID Update – 19 Dec 2021

Update – 19th December 2021 – Visitors 

Please note that from Wednesday 15th December, restrictions on care home visitors were reintroduced by the government to protect residents and staff from the new Covid variant, Omicron.

Our Home Manager, Patricia Ball along with her home management team are in the best position to determine where and how visits are booked and take place so they can be sure they are safely managed. Every decision made by the  home will be to keep your loved ones, our colleagues and visitors safe and the updated visiting policy based on the new guidance being implemented at BCVS Homes is now as follows:

  • Residents can nominate up to three nominated visitors plus their essential care giver who will be able to make regular visits, please contact Greystones if you need to advise them of the named nominated individuals so that they can ensure their records are up to date.
  • Staff and essential care giver testing arrangements have changed. The testing arrangements are a weekly PCR test, a minimum of three lateral flow tests a week: one on the same day as a PCR test;  a second test two to three days later; and a third two to three days after. A test should also always be carried out on the day of visiting by an essential care giver in line with any visitor to the home.  More testing may be needed, such as during outbreaks and will be in line with care home staff and you will be advised of any changes.
  • Fully vaccinated residents visiting family and friends outside the care home will be asked to take a lateral flow test on alternate days for two weeks after each outing, while those not vaccinated will have to isolate following an outside visit.

We know that regular visits are hugely beneficial to the wellbeing, mental health and quality of life of our residents. We will continue to consider risk assessments and guidance alongside residents’ rights and wishes whilst also continuing to limit mixing between visitors as the most effective ways to protect them.  Greystones will continue to limit the amount of visitors that come in and how often due the amount of space and layout of the building and all visits will continue to be pre-booked as this will help you to get the most out of your visits, by ensuring that we have the required staff and support in place to sufficiently conduct testing and adhere to PPE and infection control guidelines.

If any residents have any specific vulnerabilities or essential needs relating to visiting arrangements,  the home management will initiate an approach to contact friends and families about the opportunity of an essential care giver role so that an individual risk assessment can be set with the involvement of both residents and friends and families.  Should you have any questions about the essential care giver role, please contact Patricia Ball directly on 01225 317972 or

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